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F1600 Triplex Oil Drilling Mud Pump

F1600 Triplex Oil Drilling Mud Pump manufacturer from China with USA standerd, we provide F1600 and spare parts with good service

  • model: F1600 Triplex Oil Drilling Mud Pump
Specifications of  F1600 Triplex Oil Drilling Mud Pump
 Name    Description  
Drilling Pumptiger rig
Max. input power (kw)1600 (1193)
Rated speed spm120
Max. liner bore in.(mm)7" (177.8)
Stroke in. (mm)12 " (304.8)
Cylinder hydraulic test pressure  psi(kg/cm2)7500   (527)
Gear ratio4.3:1
Suction pipe dia. in.12 "
Discharge pipe dia. in."
Valve API 7
Weight (excl. belt wheel) (kg)25500
colormud pump:blue,sky blue,Sapphire,gree;belt cover:white,yellow,white;skid:black,white,ect
Specialist service on wellsite 1 person 1 week,General connecting commissioning
Manual and main maintenance catalogmud pump package operating manual and maintenance catalog



Features of  F1600 Triplex Oil Drilling Mud Pump



1.    The pump has features of advanced structure, small volume, reliable operation, easy maintenance.


2.  The cylinder is made of alloy steel forgings, and the three cylinders of each pump are interchangeable.


3. The suction valve and discharge valve of F1300 and F1600 are interchangeable.


4. In order to enhance its corrosion resistance, the cylinder surface is processed by chemical nickel plating.


  5.The design of straight-through cylinder valve structure, reduced the volume of the hydraulic cylinder and increased the volumetric efficiency


6. The hydraulic cylinder, cylinder liner, piston, valve body, valve seat, valve spring, seal, valve cover, cylinder head of F1300 and F1600 are interchangeable